Light Status - Jan 4, 2015

Posted by Tacky Holly - January 4th, 2015

I am down with the flu since Friday.

Here’s what owners have sent regarding the rest of the Lights Season:

Through Jan 5
#22 13897 Ferrara Court, Chantilly
#36 7815 Birnam Wood Dr, McLean

Through Jan 6
#6 10203 Lawyers Road, Vienna
#14 1601 Collingwood Road, Alexandria
#20 47807 Blockhouse Point Place, Sterling
#25 8209 Lorton Road, Lorton
#26 9806 Sharon Court, Fairfax
#44 21244 Millwood Square. Potomac Falls
#49 117 Hickory Circle, Vienna

Probably no more updates this season….

Light Status - Jan. 2, 2015

Posted by Tacky Holly - January 2nd, 2015

Our lights season is winding down.
For some displays, tonight is the last night.
Also, rain is predicted for both Sat. and Sun.
My recommendation? Get out and see your favorites tonight!

Here’s what I know…

LAST NIGHT TONIGHT for these displays

  • #13          2507 Fairview Drive, Alexandria
  • #47          6412 Joyce Road, Alexandria
  • HM #BB:   13530 Point Pleasant Dr, Chantilly
  • HM #CC   12407 Harbor Dr, Woodbridge
  • HM #T      7780 Tangier Dr, Springfield
  • Yet to Visit - 13515 Carmel Lane, Chantilly

I’ll be back tomorrow with more.
If you find any displays OFF, please let me know.

Light Status Dec. 19, 2014

Posted by Tacky Holly - December 19th, 2014

Clear weather is predicted for this weekend, followed by rain early next week.
Therefore, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get out to see the lights this weekend, as the next chance to see them won’t come until Christmas night and after.
Remember, Bad Weather (rain, wind) = No Lights, for the majority of big displays.

I will be out myself visiting displays Fri-Sun nights.
I’ve got plans to visit the Rt 7 displays, the Rt 95S displays and the Rt66W/Rt123S displays, but traffic will decide which I go see each of those nights.
Remember the ROUTES page allows you to find Displays by major roads or by city.
And a fan of the site created and shared an Interactive Google map for the Virginia displays.
If you see a late model silver Mustang convertible, it will be the Holly, so say Hi.

And remember, the Water Skiing Santa show on Dec. 24 at 1pm in Old Town Alexandria, goes On rain, snow or shine. I help out as an Elf in the crowd, passing out candy canes.

Clips from my videos showing several of the displays on the list were featured in a NASA story about measuring the glow of holiday lights from space.
The article features a photo of #18 - 9804 Kirktree Court, Fairfax, VA.
The interview portion of the video shows #3 - 8515 Innisfree Drive, Springfield (moved in 2014) in the background.
The video includes:
MD #5. 1665 N Portal Dr NW, Washington, D.C. (Bishop’s House)
#12 - 3912 Lincolnshire Street, Annandale, VA
#46 - 7104 Idylwood Road, Falls Church, VA
#7 -7723 Fisher Drive, Falls Church, VA
(off for 2014).
A collection of videos I’ve taken of the Light Displays can be viewed at:

Call for Competitors
And finally, I was contacted by The ABC Great Christmas Lights Fight people who asked that I pass along this flyer. They are already looking for competitors for next year. If you’ve seen the show, you know what’s involved.

Light Status: Dec. 16, 2014

Posted by Tacky Holly - December 16th, 2014

With all the rain we’ve had, I’d bet most of the Big Displays will be OFF tonight.
To avoid disappointment, I’d suggest waiting until tomorrow night to go viewing.

With help from my Christmas Light Elves, I’ve been able to update the site with what’s On.
One fan created a public Google Map for all the Virginia Tacky Lights:×25lE

I’ve added some outlying displays to the list. I have not visited these displays but have seen photos:

53. 1826 Woods Edge Dr NE, Leesburg, VA (aka Edwards Landing Lights)
54. 22955 Lois Lane, Ashburn, VA

And a few Honorable Mentions have been added:

HM #: E - 6530 Heather Brook Ct, McLean, VA
HM #: G - 1801 Beulah Road, Vienna, VA
HM #: S - 2404 Phillips Dr, Alexandria, VA

About Other Missing Displays:

#2 - 3309 Prosperity Ave, Fairfax , VA moved and is On at 8910 Karen Dr., Fairfax, VA
#3 - 8515 Innisfree Drive, Springfield moved and plans to be back next year.
#7 - 7723 Fisher Drive, Falls Church is Off this year for home improvements and will return next year.
#9 - 6283 Wills Street, Alexandria moved and plans to be back next year.
#19 - 6226 Stonehunt Place, Clifton is Off for 2014.
#23 - 4540 Orr Drive, Chantilly is gone for good, the display has been sold.
#28 - 1072 Rocky Run Rd, McLean moved two years ago, and decided not to decorate again this year.
#29 - 13915 Rock Brook Court, Clifton, the Dancing Forest, is not lit again this year.
#30 - 5601 Hereford Court, Alexandria is taking the year off.
#34 - 5604 Hereford Court, Alexandria, has ceased decorating big.
#39 - 1610 N Abingdon St, Arlington - Was told this one was not up.

I am making good progress recovering from my knee surgery and hope to be back viewing displays starting tomorrow night.
I’m planning to visit the Maryland displays, especially #6 - 5034 Durham Rd E, Columbia, MD, as I read this is his last year decorating. Also, #4 - 9432 Rosehill Dr, Bethesda is gone. #4 -11626 34th Place, Beltsville is not decorated.

There is only one Virginia display I don’t know the status of and have not heard from:
#17 - 5700 Claret Place, Centreville, VA
If anyone happens by this one, let me know what you find…

Light Status Dec. 12, 2014

Posted by Tacky Holly - December 12th, 2014

Surgery went well. Will be recooping all weekend.
Want to thank all who FaceBook-ed me about what lights they found On/Off.
You’ve been a tremendous help with updating the site.

Here’s what’s left from the List, that I do NOT know if On:
17. 5700 Claret Place, Centreville, VA
29. 13915 Rock Brook Court, Clifton, VA
42. 6524 Roosevelt St, Falls Church, VA

Here’s what’s left from the Honorable Mentions, that I don’t know if On:
HM #: A - 5838 Fitzhugh St, Burke, VA
HM #: C - 13271 Stone Heather Drive, Herndon, VA
HM #: D - 10000 Garrett St (corner of Lawyers), Vienna, VA
HM #: EE - 228 Church St NE, Vienna, VA
HM #: F - Harwood Place, Springfield, VA
HM #: J - 6110 Houston Ct & 3517 Pike Rd, Alexandria, VA
HM #: M - 1419 Cottage , Vienna, VA
HM #: Z - 8650 Chase Glen Circle, Fairfax Station, VA

I have not heard explicitly if the Tacky Businesses are On, but would imagine they are by now…
If you know the status of any display from those listed above, drop me a line so I can update the site.
Should be a good night for the Lights.

Lights Should Be On Tonight

Posted by Tacky Holly - December 10th, 2014

It’s a cold and blustery evening but the Lights should be On.

If anyone has a chance to drive-by any of the following displays, let me know what you find:
16. 10715 Shadow Lane, Fairfax Station, VA
17. 5700 Claret Place, Centreville, VA
27. 13614 Weinstein Court, Centreville, VA
29. 13915 Rock Brook Court, Clifton, VA
42. 6524 Roosevelt St, Falls Church, VA
43. 11920 Bennett Road, Herndon, VA
51. 8700 Nanlee Drive, Springfield, VA

I’m going to off-line for a few days, as I get a torn meniscus repaired.
Hope to be back sometime over the weekend.

Thank you and Enjoy the Lights!

Rainy Weather = No Lights

Posted by Tacky Holly - December 9th, 2014

Another day and evening of rain means Most Big Displays will be OFF.
Plan accordingly.

Special Request from Tacky Holly:
I am having minor knee surgery on Dec. 11.
Also, I’m now in Maryland during the week.
This will greatly impact my duties regarding making sure Lights are On.

To everyone who uses the Tacky List, I’d like to make a request:
If you go by or live near any of the Light Displays that are not currently listed as On, please let me know the status and I will update the site.
There is no way I can visit every display this year, so I need to lean on the community to help me get the word out.

At the end of the season, I will recognize my helpers by post their names in the Blog as “Holly’s Christmas Lights Elves.”
You may post your findings here and/or email me at
Help make the season bright for us all!
Thank you!

Light Status Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014

Posted by Tacky Holly - December 7th, 2014

After much rain Friday and Saturday, Sunday night looks perfect for getting out to see the lights.

Everything I know of that is On can be found here:

Also, on the Tacky Lights and Honorable Mention pages, if the display is On, the background behind the thumbnail will be green.

If the background is white, I don’t know the status.
If you happen by any of these, please let me know what you find.

I’m planning to go by #12 Lincolnshire; hm#R Gallows Rd; and #14 Collingwood.
Enjoy the lights!

Special Request from Me and the Display Owners:
Stay out of the yards, Don’t block driveways, Be considerate of others.

Stanley, the spare Reindeer.

Saturday Nights a Bust!

Posted by Tacky Holly - December 6th, 2014

The weather is not cooperating for the decorators.
Most all big displays will be off tonight due to the wet conditions.
Hopefully we’ll get better weather tomorrow….

Lighted Boat Parades TONIGHT!
Alexandria Parade of Lights Holiday Boat Parade - 5pm
Georgetown Holiday Boat Parade of Lights - 6pm
Solomons Island Boat Light Parade - 6:15pm
Baltimore Lighted Boat Parade - 6pm
Lighted Boat Parade in Colonial Beach - 5pm
(Unless the rain lets up, Holly won’t be going)

Family of dogs in living room around Christmas tree when someone asks did anyone water the tree? All dogs reply "I did."

Holly’s Running Behind….

Posted by Tacky Holly - December 5th, 2014

Working on updating the status of the Light displays, but probably won’t get done and posted until tomorrow.
Except for the rain, I would consider tonight to be the official start of the season.
However, many large displays do not turn on when it’s raining.
On the website, check for the Green backgrounds on the Tacky List and Honorable Mention pages to let you know what is confirmed ON.
If you get out, let me know what you find that is On, please.

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