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Holly is now offering advertising space to small, local business owners.

Are you a small, local business interested in advertising on the Tacky Christmas Lights site?

This site gets substantial traffic (tens of thousands) of mostly local residents in November and December every year and would be a great place to advertise your small business's holiday specials. (December average 500+ visitor per day)

Advertising Specifics

  • Advertisements will appear interspersed with the thumbnails of the display houses on the main Tacky Lights page with positioning as illustrated below

  • Ads will also appear on the Other Stuff page in the new Advertising section

  • Ads will run for a year (November to November) with listing order determined by date placed and payment received for Ad

  • Size of Ad is limited to 220x120 pixels in size

  • Ad can include a Logo (limit 200x30 pixels)

  • Ad can include a link to your website

  • Length of content text is limited to 200 characters (including any HTML code). Font size is 10px, font style is Arial Narrow

  • Advertisers will be given a choice of four background patterns for their advertising cell

  • All ads will contain the "ADVERTISEMENT" heading which is 220x5 pixels

  • Advertisers may purchase multiple Ads with a maximum of two (2) per business

  • For 2008, only 8 Ads are being accepted

  • Number of Ads accepted is determined by number of displays on site and may increase

  • Each Ad costs $25.00

  • Payment for Ads is accepted through Paypal or other arrangement can be made

So, Don't Wait!

Place your Ad today by completing the Advertising Request Form and emailing it to Holly at hollyween@hotmail.com with your information.
Advertisements will appear within 48 hours (max) of being contacted and Ad payment received.

Ads will not be accepted for sexual or offensive businesses or products and Holly's Tacky Lights has the right to refuse advertising we feel is inappropriate.
Inappropriate content will result in an Ad being immediately pulled without a refund and that advertiser will be banned from future advertising with this site.
There is no discount offered for orders received late in the season or for Advertisers wishing to limit an Ad to a specific time frame.

Advertising layout on Main Tacky Lights page

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If you are interested in placing an advertisement on Holly's Tacky Christmas Lights page, please complete the form above. The quickest way to get your ad listed is to pay via Paypal.
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Need help with your Christmas Lights? Let us do them for you and we'll even supply the lights. It doesn't have to be tacky. For more info call 999-999-9999.
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Molly's Cafe
This year be a guest at your own party.
Let Molly prepare you holiday buffet.
Large menu variety to choose from.
Prices from $9.95pp to $21.95pp.
Call Molly at 999-999-9999.
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Get the best Christmas tree at the best price. Large variety of trees to choose from. You can even order your tree online and we will deliver it to your door.

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